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How to talk about SEL with Community Influencers

A report in powerpoint format, provides a summary of the survey findings from NASBE’s SEL Network of five states on effective messaging with community influencers on social, emotional, and academic development.

SOURCE: National Association of State Boards of Education

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SEL Implementation Guide from Austin ISD

In this resource, Austin Independent School District shares an overview of their SEL story, the results they have seen, and tips learned along the way. This presents a detailed and successful model to share with district leaders who are preparing an implementation plan or just beginning to consider investing in SEL.

SOURCE: Austin Independent School District

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SEL Talking Points for Superintendents

This set of key messages is intended to support the superintendent and other district leaders in regularly communicating about the importance of SEL both formally and informally.


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Using an SEL lens to review the vision and/or mission of a school district or organization

This short activity can be led by a superintendent after a presentation about SEL to board members, or by any leader who wants to facilitate a discussion of how/whether SEL is already positioned within the mission and vision of the district, school, or organization.


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The Impact of Social and Emotional Learning (video)

The research is clear: SEL is essential for academic and life success. In this video, district and CASEL leadership highlight data that demonstrates improvements in attendance, drop out rates, suspensions, expulsions, and academic growth.


TAGS videos define SEL metrics continuous improvement building buy-in for SEL

What is Social and Emotional Learning? (video)

From CASEL and school district leadership, this video conceptualizes social and emotional learning and describes what it looks, feels and sounds like in educational spaces.


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Presentation to the Austin ISD Board

CASEL and district SEL leaders co-led this three hour experiential session with the Board to strengthen and formalize support for SEL. Facilitator notes include a link to presentation slides.


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Ready to Lead: Principals’ Perspectives on How Social and Emotional Learning Can Prepare Children and Transform Schools

This report shows widespread support for SEL among K-12 principals, highlights needs for greater state and district support, and provides policy recommendations. It makes a strong case for investing in SEL.


TAGS research brief building buy-in for SEL SEL leadership

CASEL Personal Assessment and Reflection Tool: SEL Competencies for School Leaders, Staff, and Adults

Professional learning activity where participants rate their SEL competencies through a series of statements and reflect on their challenges and strengths.


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The Impact of Enhancing Students’ Social Emotional Learning: A Meta-Analysis of School-Based Universal Interventions

Meta-analysis showing that compared to controls, participants in school-based SEL programs demonstrated improved skills and an 11 percentile point gain in achievement.

SOURCE: Research Journal

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