Community Relations

Practices by which school and district leaders communicate with, engage, support, and partner with the communities they serve.

See also: communications, family and community engagement

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What is SEL? 2 page summary

This example from a school division in southeastern Virginia provides a quick and accessible look at the 5 SEL competencies, benefits of SEL, and ways school staff support SEL.

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SEL Toolkit for School Boards

A quick guide for school board members to help ground SEL conversations in the best interests of students and families, including tools to dispel misinformation with facts and data, then take action to support the social, emotional, and academic learning of every child.


TAGS school board board policies community relations

Create an SEL Communication Strategy

From the CASEL Guide to Schoolwide SEL, school-based or district SEL teams can use this tool to plan communications so that all stakeholders are kept abreast of the work and how they can be involved.

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Leading with SEL Advocacy Tools

This site provides resources for SEL advocates, including toolkits for parents and school board members. There is guidance for conversations, communications, engaging media outlets, and reaching out to policymakers.


TAGS parenting family partnerships reading lists - parents parent leadership building buy-in for SEL family and community engagement

How to talk about SEL with Community Influencers

A report in powerpoint format, provides a summary of the survey findings from NASBE’s SEL Network of five states on effective messaging with community influencers on social, emotional, and academic development.

SOURCE: National Association of State Boards of Education

TAGS communications community relations building buy-in for SEL

Washoe County School District Communications Plan, 2013

Communications plan covering four months in the early stages of Washoe County School District's SEL implementation rollout; includes plans to communicate via web, in-person presentation, and print resources with WCSD staff, students, families, and the Board of Trustees.

SOURCE: Washoe County School District

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Developing Effective Social and Emotional Learning Communication Strategies for your District

This guide from Collaborative Communications will help an SEL team plan a multi-media, 4 step communications outreach plan.

SOURCE: Collaborative Communications

TAGS toolkit media relations communications community relations planning family and community engagement

School Climate Survey for Families

Sacramento City Unified School District used this 2 page survey to gather family members' perspectives about school culture, equity, and the quality of interactions with school staff. It has been translated into 5 other languages at

SOURCE: Sacramento City Unified School District

TAGS family partnerships community relations culture and climate family and community engagement

SEL Department Home Page: Austin

Austin's community-facing SEL webpage invites viewers to take a tour of model campuses and learn more about implementation in the district.

SOURCE: Austin Independent School District

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Chicago Public Schools Districtwide Vision – Safe and Supportive Schools

Chicago's vision and plan integrates SEL throughout its priorities and core values, highlighted best in the section on Safety and Support.

SOURCE: Chicago Public Schools

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