Family and Community Engagement

“Family and community engagement comprises parents (broadly defined to refer to a child’s or youth’s primary caregiver) and youth-service providers, school staff, and community members working together to actively support and improve the academic achievement, social and behavioral development, and health of children, adolescents, and young adults.” (

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Classroom SEL Message Map

This example comes from a school division in southeastern Virginia. These key messages and supporting points can be used by classroom teachers to describe how and why they integrate SEL into their classroom, or can be shared as a summary with classroom teachers as the basis for staff discussion.

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Practices of Promise: Exploring Ways to Share the Power Toward Equitable Decision-Making in Portland Public Schools

How can a school district select an SEL program that aligns with its commitment to equity and social justice through an inclusive process that also demonstrates and deepens that commitment? This brief describes Portland's approach that brought many voices to the table, shared decision-making power, built trust, and centered the district's equity work.


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Districts in Action – Promote SEL for Students

This brief spotlights SEL leaders in California, Virginia, and Texas as they share their stories about how their approach to promoting SEL for students took shape and integrated with stakeholder needs related to inclusion, discipline, and tiered supports.


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Plan SEL Foundational Learning for your School District

This tool can help SEL leaders prepare a broad plan to provide learning experiences for all stakeholders in the school district community, and access resources to support foundational learning about SEL.


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Leading with SEL Advocacy Tools

This site provides resources for SEL advocates, including toolkits for parents and school board members. There is guidance for conversations, communications, engaging media outlets, and reaching out to policymakers.


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Sample Schoolwide SEL 101 Presentation (Spanish)

Slides and presenter notes are in Spanish -- This presentation can be adapted and used to introduce SEL to staff, families, and community partners.


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Practices of Promise: Selecting Evidence-Based Programs Through Meaningful Partnerships

Peek into El Paso Independent School District's process for engaging staff, families, and communities in examining and selecting evidence-based SEL programs that align with their school communities’ needs and districtwide vision.


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Developing Effective Social and Emotional Learning Communication Strategies for your District

This guide from Collaborative Communications will help an SEL team plan a multi-media, 4 step communications outreach plan.

SOURCE: Collaborative Communications

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Pursuing Social and Emotional Development Through a Racial Equity Lens: 5 Strategies for System Leaders to Take Action

The Aspen Education & Society Program's recommended strategies for pursuing social, emotional, and academic development through a racial equity lens.

SOURCE: The Aspen Institute

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Portrait of a Graduate – Framing a Vision for your School System

Battelle for Kids has built out a design process with examples and supporting materials for bringing together stakeholders to co-create a Portrait of a Graduate, i.e. the community's goals for its students.

SOURCE: Battelle for Kids

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