Family and Community Engagement

“Family and community engagement comprises parents (broadly defined to refer to a child’s or youth’s primary caregiver) and youth-service providers, school staff, and community members working together to actively support and improve the academic achievement, social and behavioral development, and health of children, adolescents, and young adults.” (

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Developing Effective Social and Emotional Learning Communication Strategies for your District

This guide from Collaborative Communications will help an SEL team plan a multi-media, 4 step communications outreach plan.

SOURCE: Collaborative Communications

TAGS toolkit media relations communications community relations planning family and community engagement

Pursuing Social and Emotional Development Through a Racial Equity Lens: 5 Strategies for System Leaders to Take Action

The Aspen Education & Society Program's recommended strategies for pursuing social, emotional, and academic development through a racial equity lens.

SOURCE: The Aspen Institute

TAGS cultural competence school board anti-bias board policies equity integrate with district priorities district SEL expertise SEL leadership family and community engagement youth voice

Portrait of a Graduate – Framing a Vision for your School System

Battelle for Kids has built out a 4 phase design process with examples and supporting materials for bringing together stakeholders to co-create a Portrait of a Graduate, i.e. the community's goals for its students. Free tools include a Getting Started Guide for superintendents and system leaders and a My Sketch tool, which helps the community prioritize competencies and create a visual representation.

SOURCE: Battelle for Kids

TAGS building buy-in for SEL family and community engagement

SEL Discussion Series for Parents and Caregivers

8 facilitated discussions to support schools to engage families in conversations about the social and emotional growth of their families. Each session encourages participants to engage in their own growth while supporting their children to practice SEL. Also available in Spanish.


TAGS parents/parenting SEL partnerships toolkit parent leadership culturally responsive family and community engagement

CASEL’s SEL for Parents (English)

Video describes SEL for a parent audience and provides strategies to bring SEL into the home, aligned with the 5 SEL competencies. Features schools in Chicago and includes interviews with parents and caregivers.


TAGS videos parents/parenting social awareness self awareness self management relationship skills responsible decision making SEL competence SEL overview out of school family and community engagement

School Climate Survey for Families

Sacramento City Unified School District used this 2 page survey to gather family members' perspectives about school culture, equity, and the quality of interactions with school staff. It has been translated into 5 other languages at

SOURCE: Sacramento City Unified School District

TAGS family partnerships community relations culture and climate family and community engagement

Teacher Interview: How do Families Respond to SEL? (video)

A 5th grade teacher from Anchorage speaks about how she introduces SEL to families, has students share their learning with their families, and hears feedback from families about how they see the impact of SEL at home.

SOURCE: Anchorage Public Schools

TAGS videos SEL partnerships teacher training building buy-in for SEL family and community engagement

Growth Mindset Workshop for Parents

Presentation slides, handout, and facilitator's guide to lead a parent workshop about the Growth Mindset, from Transforming Education. Also available in Spanish.

SOURCE: Transforming Education

TAGS reading lists - parents parents/parenting family and community engagement

IDRA’s Family and Community Engagement Survey

This survey can be used to assess a school's effectiveness in partnering with families and communities around student achievement, access & equity, organizational support, and quality of interactions. Also available in Spanish.

SOURCE: University/Nonprofit Research Institution

TAGS assessment community relations family and community engagement

Austin ISD: Social and Emotional Learning Creates a Foundation for Success (Video)

This video from Austin shows SEL lessons taking place in a range of elementary classrooms and shares the perspectives of students, teachers, administrators, and district staff on the benefits of SEL.

SOURCE: Austin Independent School District

TAGS videos SEL overview model SEL schools elementary school grades communications family and community engagement

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