Culturally Responsive

Culturally responsive teaching refers to practices and approaches that support “culturally and linguistically diverse students who have been marginalized in schools build their skill and capacity to do rigorous work.” (Hammond, 2018). The term has been used more broadly to describe approaches that demonstrate awareness of and respect for the various social and cultural identities of students, that use students’ cultural references as a part of instruction and curriculum to empower and support deeper engagement and learning; that appreciate and honor diversity from a historically-grounded and strengths-focused lens; or otherwise build supportive and caring relationships across cultural backgrounds (Ladson-Billing, 2009).

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Equity & Social and Emotional Learning: A Cultural Analysis

Brief outlining how CASEL's core SEL competencies reflect issues of equity, programs and practices that promote educational equity, and implications for SEL assessment.

SOURCE: Assessment Work Group

TAGS cultural competence anti-bias social awareness self awareness self management relationship skills responsible decision making equity culturally responsive building community

Toward Transformative Social and Emotional Learning: Using an Equity Lens

This brief explores the need to conceptualize, implement, and assess SEL in a way that is sensitive to students' cultural assets and recognizes their inherent strengths, and describes promising school practices and implications for ethical assessment of SEL.

SOURCE: Assessment Work Group

TAGS Adult SEL anti-bias social awareness self awareness self management relationship skills responsible decision making SEL competence equity culturally responsive instructional practices building community

Why We Can’t Have Social and Emotional Learning without Equity

Blog post from Dr. Robert Jagers discussing the "equity elaborations" to current SEL frameworks and the aims of CASEL's Equity Work Group.

SOURCE: Magazine/Newsletter

TAGS cultural competence anti-bias SEL competence equity culturally responsive

Webinar: Leveraging SEL to Promote Equity

Webinar highlighting district challenges and promising practices, featuring Dr. Rob Jagers' review of research on SEL's connection to equitable outcomes for diverse student populations.


TAGS cultural competence Adult SEL anti-bias research brief equity culturally responsive

Teaching Restorative Practices with Classroom Circles

San Francisco's guide focused on the use of Circles as a proactive measure to build trust and community in a classroom. Includes sample activities and lesson plans for introducing students to restorative practices.

SOURCE: San Francisco Unified School District

TAGS teacher tool toolkit reading lists - staff culturally responsive teacher training restorative practices advisory/homeroom instructional practices classroom level culture and climate building community professional learning youth voice

SEL Discussion Series for Parents and Caregivers

8 facilitated discussions to support schools to engage families in conversations about the social and emotional growth of their families. Each session encourages participants to engage in their own growth while supporting their children to practice SEL. Also available in Spanish.


TAGS parents/parenting SEL partnerships toolkit parent leadership culturally responsive family and community engagement

Connecting Teacher Efficacy Beliefs in Promoting Resilience to Support for Latino Students

Results of this study suggest that efficacy beliefs related to resilience are linked to building important relationships through connecting with students, building on their experiences and knowledge, and understanding the issues they confront.

SOURCE: Research Journal

TAGS cultural competence Adult SEL anti-bias culturally responsive

Guiding Questions for Educators: Promote Equity Using SEL

Educators can use social and emotional learning (SEL) to promote the cultural assets that all students bring to their classrooms—if SEL instruction and assessments are implemented with a culturally responsive lens, according to a recent summary of the Assessment Work Group's Special Issues brief on SEL and equity.


TAGS cultural competence Adult SEL equity culturally responsive

Washington’s SEL Online Education Modules

Washington's 5 online modules for educators (intro, embedding SEL schoolwide, adult professional culture, culturally responsive classroom integration, and selecting evidence-based programs). Free registration required.

SOURCE: Washington DOE

TAGS videos culturally responsive teacher training SEL overview evidence-based programs instructional practices culture and climate professional learning

Boston Public Schools Essentials for Instructional Equity

Outlines 4 adult competencies for facilitating learning for diverse students, and includes an appendix of culturally and linguistically sustaining practices, a learning experience design template, and a parent guide.

SOURCE: Boston Public Schools

TAGS cultural competence anti-bias reading lists - staff equity culturally responsive college and career readiness instructional practices integrate with district priorities

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