Youth Voice

Honoring and elevating a broad range of student perspectives and experiences through meaningful engagement.

See also: student leadership

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Practices of Promise: Exploring Ways to Share the Power Toward Equitable Decision-Making in Portland Public Schools

How can a school district select an SEL program that aligns with its commitment to equity and social justice through an inclusive process that also demonstrates and deepens that commitment? This brief describes Portland's approach that brought many voices to the table, shared decision-making power, built trust, and centered the district's equity work.


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Student SEL Data Reflection Protocol

Student perspective is essential for understanding district data and making equitable, inclusive, and culturally responsive decisions. This tool presents a student-led, structured process for students to reflect on school and district data in partnership with adults, to observe trends and discuss ideas for improvement of SEL implementation.


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Student Voice 360

Chicago Public Schools Department of Social Science & Civic Engagement put together this toolkit for district schools to build stronger student-adult partnerships, with resources to support schools at all places on the spectrum of of student voice and engagement.

SOURCE: Chicago Public Schools

TAGS student leadership continuous improvement youth voice

The Academic Impact of Responsiveness to Student Voice

A study of Chicago Public Schools found that academic performance is related to schools' responsiveness to student concerns. This research brief shares how outcomes were measured and why these may be connected.

SOURCE: University/Nonprofit Research Institution

TAGS student leadership research brief youth voice

Establish Norms for Data-Informed Conversations

This tool includes ways for facilitators to establish a space for safe and productive collaboration and recommended norms to ensure that the conversation is inclusive of all voices and results in concrete next steps.


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Practices of Promise: Youth Voice in Washoe County School District, Nevada

This case example offers a glimpse into WCSD’s process of creating structures to elevate and listen to students, before and through the pandemic.


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Pursuing Social and Emotional Development Through a Racial Equity Lens: 5 Strategies for System Leaders to Take Action

The Aspen Education & Society Program's recommended strategies for pursuing social, emotional, and academic development through a racial equity lens.

SOURCE: The Aspen Institute

TAGS cultural competence school board anti-bias board policies equity integrate with district priorities district SEL expertise SEL leadership family and community engagement youth voice

SEL Trends: Empowering Youth Voice

From CASEL's SEL Trends series, this issue describes ways that Chicago, Cleveland and Washoe County school districts have recognized students as experts of the school experience and built structures for students to better influence school and district decisions and practices.


TAGS social studies SEL partnerships student leadership youth voice

Teaching Restorative Practices with Classroom Circles

San Francisco's guide focused on the use of Circles as a proactive measure to build trust and community in a classroom. Includes sample activities and lesson plans for introducing students to restorative practices.

SOURCE: San Francisco Unified School District

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Cleveland Classroom Meetings resource page

Classroom Meetings in Cleveland are used daily for community building and classroom level problem-solving and decision-making. This resource page has activities, best practices, handouts, samples that show integration with academic content, and other tools to help plan a larger scale rollout of class meetings.

SOURCE: Cleveland Metropolitan School District

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