Equity occurs when “every student has access to the resources and educational rigor they need at the right moment in their education regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, language, disability, family background, or family income.” (Council of Chief State School Officers) Striving for equity means examining biases and interrupting inequitable practices to create inclusive, multicultural school environments that reveal and cultivate the interests and talents of children, youth, and adults from diverse backgrounds. (Jagers)

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Toward Transformative Social and Emotional Learning: Using an Equity Lens

This brief explores the need to conceptualize, implement, and assess SEL in a way that is sensitive to students' cultural assets and recognizes their inherent strengths, and describes promising school practices and implications for ethical assessment of SEL.

SOURCE: Assessment Work Group

TAGS Adult SEL anti-bias social awareness self awareness self management relationship skills responsible decision making SEL competence equity culturally responsive instructional practices building community

Applying an Equity Lens to Social, Emotional, and Academic Development

This issue brief describes 5 major barriers to equitable access to social emotional learning and positive life outcomes, and corresponding opportunities for districts to to dismantle those barriers by approaching SEL in ways that are grounded in equity and justice.

SOURCE: University/Nonprofit Research Institution

TAGS cultural competence anti-bias trauma board policies SEL competence research brief equity student discipline

Why We Can’t Have Social and Emotional Learning without Equity

Blog post from Dr. Robert Jagers discussing the "equity elaborations" to current SEL frameworks and the aims of CASEL's Equity Work Group.

SOURCE: Magazine/Newsletter

TAGS cultural competence anti-bias SEL competence equity culturally responsive

Pursuing Social and Emotional Development Through a Racial Equity Lens: 5 Strategies for System Leaders to Take Action

The Aspen Education & Society Program's recommended strategies for pursuing social, emotional, and academic development through a racial equity lens.

SOURCE: The Aspen Institute

TAGS cultural competence school board anti-bias board policies equity integrate with district priorities district SEL expertise SEL leadership family and community engagement youth voice

Webinar: Leveraging SEL to Promote Equity

Webinar highlighting district challenges and promising practices, featuring Dr. Rob Jagers' review of research on SEL's connection to equitable outcomes for diverse student populations.


TAGS cultural competence Adult SEL anti-bias research brief equity culturally responsive

Suspending Chicago’s Students – Differences in Discipline Practices across Schools

This report from the University of Chicago provides an example of how to analyze district discipline data to pinpoint factors that lead to inequity.

SOURCE: University/Nonprofit Research Institution

TAGS alternatives to suspension equity student discipline

Sacramento City Unified School District Strategic Plan

Sac City's strategic plan integrates SEL and equity objectives throughout and is built around goals of college and career readiness, safety and emotional health, and family and community empowerment.

SOURCE: Sacramento City Unified School District

TAGS equity integrate with district priorities

Cross-District Visit Observation Tool (Sacramento)

This observation tool was used at CASEL's 2019 Cross District Learning Event in Sacramento. It highlights the intersections of SEL and equity goals in Sacramento City Unified School District.

SOURCE: Sacramento City Unified School District

TAGS equity school visit/observation tool

Guiding Questions for Educators: Promote Equity Using SEL in your District

When social and emotional learning (SEL) is implemented with a culturally responsive lens, educators can use SEL to cultivate equitable learning opportunities, responsive relationships, and inclusive practices. This resources features reflection questions for district-level educators to explore the CASEL core competencies through an equity lens.

See also: Guiding Questions for Educators: Promote Equity Using SEL in your School


TAGS cultural competence Adult SEL equity culturally responsive

Oakland’s SEL Standards and Student Report Card Introduction – Part 2 (Video)

Video from Oakland to help teachers complete the SEL part of the report card for each student. Focus is on assessing students equitably and in a strengths-based way. For the 2nd marking period, teachers completed the section on self-awareness and social awareness.

SOURCE: Oakland Unified School District

TAGS student assessment anti-bias SEL standards videos social awareness self awareness equity teacher training

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