Anti-bias refers to learning that will help an individual to “actively challenge stereotyping, bias and all forms of discrimination. Anti-bias mastery skills include: understanding the various dimensions of identity; learning and applying basic terms relating to bias and discrimination; increasing understanding of the impact of culture and differences on communication; and recognizing, acknowledging and confronting bullying, bias and discrimination in themselves, others and within institutions.” (Spiegler, 2016)

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Definitions of Important Measurement Concepts

Everything you need to know about validity, reliability, and bias when selecting a measurement tool.


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Partnerships by Design: Cultivating Effective and Meaningful School-Family-Community Partnerships

This tool from Northwest REL includes forms, worksheets, and activities to assess the current state of family and community collaboration, create a vision for partnership, and set up an action plan.

SOURCE: Northwest REL

TAGS family partnerships community partnerships anti-bias toolkit parent leadership culturally responsive family and community engagement

In Oakland, Reinventing School Policing

Article and video about Oakland schools' partnership with police and special SEL training for school-based officers.

SOURCE: Oakland Unified School District

TAGS community partnerships alternatives to suspension anti-bias SEL partnerships relationship skills restorative practices building community student discipline

Training Educators to Understand the Needs of English Learners PreK-12

White paper about educator training in English to Speakers of Other Languages, Touches on building on students' cultural background and experiences and the impact of teacher biases toward students learning English.

SOURCE: ESOL in Higher Ed

TAGS anti-bias research brief english language learners culturally responsive teacher training PK-12

English for Speakers of Other Languages – Culture and Cultural Proficiency

Audio vignettes, pre-made presentations, videos, tools, and useful links for teachers of English Learners regarding characteristics of culture, learning styles, collectivism, and ways teachers can embrace diversity in their teaching style and interactions.

SOURCE: ESOL in Higher Ed

TAGS cultural competence anti-bias english language learners equity culturally responsive building community

SPARK Retreat Agenda

Agenda for team retreat focused on implicit bias, stereotype threat, and building more equitable learning environments.

SOURCE: Sacramento City Unified School District

TAGS cultural competence anti-bias equity teacher training professional learning



SPARK Approach to Positive School Climate

Guide and toolkit for Sacramento's comprehensive school climate model which intertwines principles of restorative disciplinary practices, social and emotional learning, and PBIS. Includes details on school teaming and training.

SOURCE: Sacramento City Unified School District

TAGS PBIS alternatives to suspension anti-bias board policies relationship skills SEL coaching for staff equity teacher training implementation plan restorative practices culture and climate building community student discipline integrate with district priorities youth voice



Resources for Identity Safe Classrooms

Resource library accompaniment to the book Identity Safe Classrooms, including resources on stereotype threat and identity safety, relationships, cultivating diversity as a resource, child-centered teaching, and caring environments.

SOURCE: External website

TAGS anti-bias toolkit relationship skills reading lists - staff equity culturally responsive culture and climate building community

SPARK Resources and Readings

Packet from a team reatreat in Sacramento; includes poems and readings to catalyze conversations about oppression and equity and a timeline of education in the U.S. demonstrating roots of inequity.

SOURCE: Sacramento City Unified School District

TAGS cultural competence anti-bias reading lists - staff equity teacher training

Fulfilling the Unkept Promise of Educational Opportunities for California’s Long Term English Learners

Executive summary of a report on California's long-term English Language Learners and recommendations for better supporting students at the secondary level who have not reached English proficiency.

SOURCE: External website

TAGS anti-bias board policies research brief english language learners culturally responsive

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