Cultural Competence

The ability to examine the various social and cultural identities of one’s own self and others, understand and appreciate diversity from a historically-grounded and strengths-focused lens, recognize and respond to cultural demands and opportunities, and build relationships across cultural backgrounds (Jagers, 2018).

Also, see the resources section for Adult SEL and Cultural Competence.

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Connecting Teacher Efficacy Beliefs in Promoting Resilience to Support for Latino Students

Results of this study suggest that efficacy beliefs related to resilience are linked to building important relationships through connecting with students, building on their experiences and knowledge, and understanding the issues they confront.

SOURCE: Research Journal

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Guiding Questions for Educators: Promote Equity Using SEL

Educators can use social and emotional learning (SEL) to promote the cultural assets that all students bring to their classrooms—if SEL instruction and assessments are implemented with a culturally responsive lens, according to a recent summary of the Assessment Work Group's Special Issues brief on SEL and equity.


TAGS cultural competence Adult SEL equity culturally responsive

Boston Public Schools Essentials for Instructional Equity

Outlines 4 adult competencies for facilitating learning for diverse students, and includes an appendix of culturally and linguistically sustaining practices, a learning experience design template, and a parent guide.

SOURCE: Boston Public Schools

TAGS cultural competence anti-bias reading lists - staff equity culturally responsive college and career readiness instructional practices integrate with district priorities

Self-Assessment Checklist – Cultural Competence

This checklist provides examples of the kinds of values and practices that foster an environment that is aware and respectful of cultural diversity, from Georgetown University's National Center for Cultural Competence.

SOURCE: National Association of School Psychologists

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English for Speakers of Other Languages – Culture and Cultural Proficiency

Audio vignettes, pre-made presentations, videos, tools, and useful links for teachers of English Learners regarding characteristics of culture, learning styles, collectivism, and ways teachers can embrace diversity in their teaching style and interactions.

SOURCE: ESOL in Higher Ed

TAGS cultural competence anti-bias english language learners equity culturally responsive instructional practices culture and climate building community

SPARK Retreat Agenda

Agenda for team retreat focused on implicit bias, stereotype threat, and building more equitable learning environments.

SOURCE: Sacramento City Unified School District

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SPARK Resources and Readings

Packet from a team reatreat in Sacramento; includes poems and readings to catalyze conversations about oppression and equity and a timeline of education in the U.S. demonstrating roots of inequity.

SOURCE: Sacramento City Unified School District

TAGS cultural competence anti-bias reading lists - staff equity teacher training professional learning

Applying an Equity Lens to Social, Emotional, and Academic Development

This issue brief describes 5 major barriers to equitable access to social emotional learning and positive life outcomes, and corresponding opportunities for districts to to dismantle those barriers by approaching SEL in ways that are grounded in equity and justice.

SOURCE: University/Nonprofit Research Institution

TAGS cultural competence anti-bias trauma board policies SEL competence research brief equity student discipline

Why We Can’t Have Social and Emotional Learning without Equity

Blog post from Dr. Robert Jagers discussing the "equity elaborations" to current SEL frameworks and the aims of CASEL's Equity Work Group.

SOURCE: Magazine/Newsletter

TAGS cultural competence anti-bias SEL competence equity culturally responsive

Equity & Social and Emotional Learning: A Cultural Analysis

Brief outlining how CASEL's core SEL competencies reflect issues of equity, programs and practices that promote educational equity, and implications for SEL assessment.

SOURCE: Assessments Work Group

TAGS cultural competence anti-bias social awareness self awareness self management relationship skills responsible decision making SEL competence equity culturally responsive instructional practices building community

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