Cultural Competence

The ability to examine the various social and cultural identities of one’s own self and others, understand and appreciate diversity from a historically-grounded and strengths-focused lens, recognize and respond to cultural demands and opportunities, and build relationships across cultural backgrounds (Jagers, 2018).

Also, see the resources section for Adult SEL and Cultural Competence.

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Districts in Action – Strengthen Adult SEL Competencies and Capacity

This brief spotlights three different approaches to adult SEL from SEL leaders in school districts in Olympia, Buffalo, and Des Moines. Visit for more briefs from SEL Fellows.



Austin ISD – Statement of Purpose

This statement from Austin ISD's Social & Emotional Learning and Cultural Proficiency & Inclusiveness department describes a guiding vision and defines the role of the department.

SOURCE: Austin Independent School District

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Guiding Questions for Educators: Promoting Equity Using SEL in your School

When social and emotional learning (SEL) is implemented with a culturally responsive lens, educators can use SEL to cultivate equitable learning opportunities, responsive relationships, and inclusive practices. This resources features reflection questions for school-level educators to explore the CASEL core competencies through an equity lens.

See also: Guiding Questions for Educators: Promote Equity Using SEL in your District


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Culturally Responsive Teaching and the Brain discussion guide

This discussion facilitator's guide, ideal for use with a small book study group, provides opening activities, discussion questions, and bridge activities for each chapter of Zaretta Hammond's book Culturally Responsive Teaching and the Brain. Through reflection, collaboration, and continuous improvement strategies, this guide provides an opportunity for staff to interrogate their own instructional practice to find ways to be responsive to students' culture and identities.

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Culturally Responsive Instruction Observation Protocol

The CRIOP is a framework and evaluation tool that operationalizes culturally responsive instruction, helping teachers work effectively with diverse middle grades learners and their families.

SOURCE: University/Nonprofit Research Institution

TAGS cultural competence teacher evaluation culturally responsive teacher training

Webinar: Adult SEL and Cultural Competence

Dr. Marisha Humphries, Associate Professor in the department of Educational Psychology at the University of Illinois at Chicago, joined CASEL partners for a webinar to discuss the importance of social and emotional competence for educators, ways to support adults in strengthening SEL skills, and strategies to become more self aware and reflective about our own social identity, culturally informed emotional expression, and social behaviors and how they impact our relationships and our work in education. See the webinar recording and transcript at


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SEL Trends: Strengthening Adult SEL

CASEL profiles Oakland USD, Sacramento City USD, and Tulsa Public Schools and shares key resources in this SEL Trends issue devoted to districts' focus on adult SEL needs.


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Equity & Social and Emotional Learning: A Cultural Analysis

Brief outlining how CASEL's core SEL competencies reflect issues of equity, programs and practices that promote educational equity, and implications for SEL assessment.

SOURCE: Assessment Work Group

TAGS cultural competence anti-bias social awareness self awareness self management relationship skills responsible decision making equity culturally responsive building community

Applying an Equity Lens to Social, Emotional, and Academic Development

This issue brief describes 5 major barriers to equitable access to social emotional learning and positive life outcomes, and corresponding opportunities for districts to to dismantle those barriers by approaching SEL in ways that are grounded in equity and justice.

SOURCE: University/Nonprofit Research Institution

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Why We Can’t Have Social and Emotional Learning without Equity

Blog post from Dr. Robert Jagers discussing the "equity elaborations" to current SEL frameworks and the aims of CASEL's Equity Work Group.

SOURCE: Magazine/Newsletter

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