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MeasuringSEL – Implement Assessment

From CASEL's Measuring SEL practitioner resources, this page provides recommendations for implementing any chosen SEL assessment, including important decisions to make and strategies for communicating about the assessment with stakeholders.


TAGS student assessment anti-bias toolkit define SEL metrics assessment continuous improvement planning

The In-School and Afterschool Social Emotional Learning Connection: A Planning Tool

Tool for afterschool and in-school staff first to reflect independently on their goals for SEL and think about what is being done in each setting to support SEL, then to discuss how to work collaboratively toward a common goal.


TAGS community partnerships SEL partnerships building community MTSS out of school planning building buy-in for SEL SEL leadership

SEL: Why Students Need It. What Districts are Doing About It.

Education First produced this implementation-focused booklet aimed at policymakers, funders, and school/district staff. Featuring Anchorage, Sacramento, and Bridgeport, Connecticut.

SOURCE: Education First

TAGS SEL overview model SEL schools implementation plan evidence-based programs planning integrate with district priorities building buy-in for SEL

Selecting an Evidence-Based Program

This tool offers guiding questions and a rating table template to determine whether an evidence-based program answers the needs of your students, families, teachers, school, and district.


TAGS culturally responsive implementation plan evidence-based programs planning SEL leadership



Standards Development Steering Committee Agenda

CASEL's sample agenda for a district-level meeting to introduce the project of developing district SEL standards.


TAGS SEL standards board policies SEL partnerships implementation plan planning SEL leadership youth voice



The Collaborating States Initiative (CSI) Recommended Process for Developing State Policies and Guidelines to Support Social and Emotional Learning

AIR and CASEL's guide for State Education Agencies to develop, implement, and sustain SEL policies and guidelines. This document provides the "big picture", other related documents provide detail for specific action steps.


TAGS SEL standards board policies implementation plan planning

Key Features of High-Quality Standards for SEL

American Institutes for Research and CASEL's guidance for State Education Agencies on developing SEL policies and guidelines, with examples from other states.


TAGS SEL standards board policies implementation support culturally responsive professional learning planning

Developing and Articulating Learning Goals or Competencies for Social and Emotional Learning

American Institutes for Research and CASEL teamed up to create this guide for developing SEL standards. Includes a definition of terms and guidance for setting up a writing team and articulating learning goals.


TAGS SEL standards board policies SEL competence implementation plan planning

Case Study: Washoe County School District Process for Developing SEL Standards

Washoe's process for developing SEL standards, including useful artifacts from the 2 day retreat where they were written by a team of educators.

SOURCE: Washoe County School District

TAGS SEL standards SEL competence professional learning planning



Case Study: Anchorage Public Schools Process for Developing SEL Standards

SEL standards and a description of Anchorage's process of developing them, piloting their use, and bringing them to scale district-wide.

SOURCE: Anchorage Public Schools

TAGS SEL standards board policies implementation plan middle school grades high school grades elementary school grades PK-12 planning

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