Staff Trust, Community, and Efficacy

When staff feel a sense of community and shared purpose, they can engage more deeply in SEL.


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SEL 3 Signature Practices Playbook

The SEL 3 Signature Practices Playbook has been updated and is now online! It includes a growing library of sample practices, supporting research, examples from the field, and templates to help you incorporate the practices skillfully into your context.


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3 Signature Practices – Developing Your Own Activities

Once you have explored the SEL 3 Signature Practices Playbook, this template will help you design new welcoming activities, engaging strategies, and optimistic closings for your learning setting.




Micro SEL 3 Signature Practices – For Everyone, Every Day

One-pager handout describing how to apply the principles of the 3 signature practices in brief ways to create positive and productive relationships throughout the day with everyone you


Creating Shared Agreements

This tool from CASEL's Guide to Schoolwide SEL outlines a 6 step process for a school or district team to develop shared agreements about how they will work together to achieve a shared vision and nurture adult SEL.


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How to Develop Working Agreements for Any Group

Oakland's step-by-step instructions for establishing working agreements for a group, and returning to them regularly to check in.

SOURCE: Oakland Unified School District

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Practices of Promise: Creating a Caring Culture Through SEL in Atlanta Public Schools

How can districts weave social and emotional learning throughout their work to foster a systemwide culture of connection and trust? Atlanta Public Schools saw SEL as a key strategy for rebuilding culture and redefining how to pursue desired outcomes. Learn more about their journey and how SEL is a focus in their offices of safety and security and human resources.


TAGS hiring practices SEL partnerships culture and climate integrate with district priorities district SEL expertise

Structural Supports to Promote Teacher Well-Being

This brief summarizes what research says about supporting teacher well-being, and includes strategies to consider and strategies to avoid.

SOURCE: EdResearch for Recovery

TAGS research brief culture and climate SEL leadership

Building Trusting Relationships for School Improvement – Implications for Principals and Teachers

This booklet looks at the importance of trust in school improvement, particularly regarding relationships between teachers and between teachers and administrators. It includes case studies in middle and high schools, a review of relevant research, common obstacles to trust, and actionable strategies for strengthening trust.

SOURCE: Northwest REL

TAGS Adult SEL building community

Connecting Teacher Efficacy Beliefs in Promoting Resilience to Support for Latino Students

Results of this study suggest that efficacy beliefs related to resilience are linked to building important relationships through connecting with students, building on their experiences and knowledge, and understanding the issues they confront.

SOURCE: Research Journal

TAGS cultural competence Adult SEL anti-bias culturally responsive

How Do Principals Influence Student Achievement?

This research brief from the University of Chicago Consortium on School Research shows that administrators who successfully move the needle on student achievement most often do so through the lever of school climate and staff collaboration.

SOURCE: University/Nonprofit Research Institution

TAGS culture and climate SEL leadership

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