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A Case for School Connectedness

Short article from Educational Leadership describing the impact of strong school connectedness on academic achievement, behavior, absenteeism, and school completion, as well as and practices that enhance it.

SOURCE: Magazine/Newsletter

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Rethinking School-Based Bullying Prevention Through the Lens of Social and Emotional Learning: A Bioecological Perspective

This article makes the case for shifting the national focus from bullying prevention to the systemic integration of evidence-based practices of social and emotional learning into school programs and policies. The authors explain the limitations of bullying prevention and intervention programs and present the case that proactive SEL for adults and students can be more effective in decreasing bullying.

SOURCE: Research Journal

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ADL’s Anti-Bias Resources for Educators, Parents, and Families

The Anti-Defamation League's toolkit includes anti-bias strategies for educators, book recommendations, lesson plans, bullying prevention advice, discussion guides and webinars.

SOURCE: External website

TAGS parenting cultural competence Adult SEL bullying prevention anti-bias reading lists - parents toolkit culturally responsive

Chicago Public Schools Student Code of Conduct

Chicago's Student Code of Conduct was revised to place a greater emphasis on restorative practices, reduce the length of suspensions, eliminate suspension as an option for low-level behaviors and PreK-2nd grade students, and adjust terms to reduce racial bias and subjectivity.

SOURCE: Chicago Public Schools

TAGS bullying prevention alternatives to suspension school board board policies restorative practices PK-12 student discipline

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