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“An active learner of the English language who may benefit from various types of language support programs…  ELL students might face additional challenges such as acclimating to a new culture and status that interfere with learning English. Given this, instructors should use culturally relevant materials to build on students’ linguistic and cultural resources” and attend to students’ sense of belonging and efficacy. (Reference: National Council of Teachers of English)

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Oakland Academic Social Emotional Learning Guidance Document

Oakland's guidance document for school leaders describes the district's mission, vision, and tools for measuring success and describes how SEL is part of instructional priorities and multi-tiered systems of support.

SOURCE: Oakland Unified School District

TAGS SEL and Academic Integration english language learners define SEL metrics CCSS equity culturally responsive continuous improvement instructional practices culture and climate MTSS integrate with district priorities district SEL expertise SEL leadership

Training Educators to Understand the Needs of English Learners PreK-12

White paper about educator training in English to Speakers of Other Languages, Touches on building on students' cultural background and experiences and the impact of teacher biases toward students learning English.

SOURCE: ESOL in Higher Ed

TAGS anti-bias research brief english language learners culturally responsive teacher training PK-12

English for Speakers of Other Languages – Culture and Cultural Proficiency

Audio vignettes, pre-made presentations, videos, tools, and useful links for teachers of English Learners regarding characteristics of culture, learning styles, collectivism, and ways teachers can embrace diversity in their teaching style and interactions.

SOURCE: ESOL in Higher Ed

TAGS cultural competence anti-bias english language learners equity culturally responsive building community

Fulfilling the Unkept Promise of Educational Opportunities for California’s Long Term English Learners

Executive summary of a report on California's long-term English Language Learners and recommendations for better supporting students at the secondary level who have not reached English proficiency.

SOURCE: External website

TAGS anti-bias board policies research brief english language learners culturally responsive

What English Language Learners Wish Teachers Knew

Edweek article lays bare the culture among educators of ignoring, holding low expectations, and harboring biases towards English Language Learners, with recommendations for improving.

SOURCE: Education Week

TAGS cultural competence anti-bias reading lists - staff english language learners culturally responsive

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