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Classroom SEL Message Map

This example comes from a school division in southeastern Virginia. These key messages and supporting points can be used by classroom teachers to describe how and why they integrate SEL into their classroom, or can be shared as a summary with classroom teachers as the basis for staff discussion.

TAGS teacher tool communications family and community engagement

Health Education/SEL Crosswalk

Document aligning CASEL's 5 SEL competencies and related skills to the National Health Education Standards and Performance Indicators, to support educators in planning a skills-based health education curriculum.


TAGS SEL and Academic Integration teacher tool

The Art of SEL Cards: Reflections with an Equity Lens

The SEL Team in Sacramento City USD created a set of cards, bound with a key ring, to help adults reflect on their mindsets, practices, and ways that they're integrating SEL and equity into academics.

SOURCE: Sacramento City Unified School District

TAGS Adult SEL anti-bias teacher tool equity

SEL 3 Signature Practices Playbook

The SEL 3 Signature Practices Playbook has been updated and is now online! It includes a growing library of sample practices, supporting research, examples from the field, and templates to help you incorporate the practices skillfully into your context.


TAGS SEL and Academic Integration mindfulness three signature practices teacher tool toolkit social awareness self awareness instructional practices building community SEL leadership

Self-Assessing Social and Emotional Instruction and Competencies: A Tool for Teachers

A tool for teachers to assess how they using SEL in their interactions and teaching practices, and a crosswalk between 10 teaching practices that promote SEL and the CLASS, Danielson, and Marzano teaching frameworks.

TAGS Adult SEL mindfulness lesson planning teacher tool social awareness self awareness self management relationship skills responsible decision making SEL competence teacher training continuous improvement PK-12 instructional practices classroom level building community student discipline

Personal SEL Reflection

Principals, administrators, SEL team members, staff members, and other adults can use this tool to assess personal strengths, think about how to model those strengths when interacting with others, and plan strategies to promote growth across areas of social competence.


TAGS Adult SEL paraprofessionals security staff staff onboarding teacher tool SEL competence teacher training professional learning district SEL expertise building buy-in for SEL SEL leadership



Teaching Restorative Practices with Classroom Circles

San Francisco's guide focused on the use of Circles as a proactive measure to build trust and community in a classroom. Includes sample activities and lesson plans for introducing students to restorative practices.

SOURCE: San Francisco Unified School District

TAGS teacher tool toolkit reading lists - staff culturally responsive teacher training restorative practices advisory/homeroom instructional practices classroom level culture and climate building community professional learning youth voice

Cleveland Classroom Meetings resource page

Classroom Meetings in Cleveland are used daily for community building and classroom level problem-solving and decision-making. This resource page has activities, best practices, handouts, samples that show integration with academic content, and other tools to help plan a larger scale rollout of class meetings.

SOURCE: Cleveland Metropolitan School District

TAGS teacher tool toolkit advisory/homeroom middle school grades high school grades instructional practices classroom level culture and climate building community youth voice

Calming Areas Overview and Ideas

A Calming Area is a quiet area of the room equipped with soothing materials and furnishings to help a
student de-escalate and / or practice self-management when upset. This short document includes guidelines and photos.

SOURCE: Dallas Independent School District

TAGS classroom management teacher tool self management restorative practices classroom level

Oakland SEL Competencies Posters for Classrooms (Spanish)

This poster set illustrating the 5 SEL competencies were distributed by Oakland's team to all schools, along with suggested activities for introducing each poster/concept to a classroom community.

SOURCE: Oakland Unified School District

TAGS teacher tool social awareness self awareness self management relationship skills responsible decision making SEL competence SEL overview advisory/homeroom communications classroom level

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