Evidence-based Programs

Programs grounded in research and principles of child and adolescent development, and scientifically evaluated and shown to produce positive student outcomes. CASEL identifies high-quality evidence-based programs as those that are well-designed to systematically promote students’ social and emotional competence, provide opportunities for practice, offer multi-year programming, and provide high-quality training and ongoing implementation support.

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What to Expect in a PATHS Classroom – Summary for Cleveland Principals

1 pager for principals showing what evidence they can look for in a classroom that is using the PATHS curriculum.

SOURCE: Cleveland Metropolitan School District

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The Positive Impact of Social Emotional Learning for Kindergarten to Eighth-Grade Students: Executive Summary of Three Scientific Reviews

Findings in this summary of 3 large-scale research reviews of K-8 SEL programs show that SEL is among the most impactful youth development support for school-age youth, and it can be incoprorated into routine educational practice.


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Book Chapter: Social Emotional Learning: Past, Present and Future

Chapter by Weissberg, Durlak, Domitrovich, and Gullotta that provides a framework and evidence base for SEL and also important factors for quality implementation.


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Students with Strong Social Skills in Kindergarten More Likely To Thrive As Adults

Short article describing a 20 year study connecting students' social skills in kindergarten to their well-being as adults.

SOURCE: Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

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Social-Emotional Competence: An Essential Factor for Promoting Positive Adjustment and Reducing Risk in School Children

Medium length scientific journal article (Domitrovich, Staley, Durlak, and Weissberg, 2017) reviews research behind SEL and what is known about effective intervention approaches, and proposes an intervention model to promote resilience.

SOURCE: Research Journal

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Making SEL a Whole School Commitment in Cleveland

Cleveland's presentation describing how SEL is supported systematically throughout the district, from the classroom to larger district initiatives.

SOURCE: Cleveland Metropolitan School District

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Washoe County SEL Needs Assessment Report

This baseline report shared by Washoe County includes findings and recommendations from a districtwide program inventory, counselor focus groups, student SEL skills assessments, school climate surveys, and behavior-related data.

SOURCE: Washoe County School District

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