Community Partnerships

Schools and community partners aligning on common language, strategies, and communication around all SEL-related efforts and initiatives, including out-of-school time.

See also: family and community engagement

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Strengthening Students’ Social and Emotional Skills: Lessons from Six Case Studies of Schools and Their Out-of-School-Time Program Partners

This report outlines lessons from six communities that have focused on SEL partnerships between schools and out-of-school time community partner organizations. Detailed case examples feature collaborative projects on a variety of SEL topics in Boston, Dallas, Denver, Palm Beach County, Tacoma, and Tulsa.


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9 Tips to Boost SEL in Schools and OST Programs

This infographic is a supplement to the full report and case examples that can be found at


TAGS community partnerships SEL partnerships out of school

Establish Norms for Data-Informed Conversations

This tool includes ways for facilitators to establish a space for safe and productive collaboration and recommended norms to ensure that the conversation is inclusive of all voices and results in concrete next steps.


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SEL Dallas Implementation Guidebook

A collaboration between Dallas Independent School District and out-of-school-time partners, this site provides a model for partnership building, laying out a clear process, key roles, and best practices for strengthening partnerships between school districts and youth-serving organizations to promote and align SEL practices.


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Early Lessons from Schools and Out-of-School Time Programs Implementing Social and Emotional Learning

This report details the study of partnerships between schools and out of school time partners working together to implement SEL in a coordinated way, organizing lessons learned into 4 main categories: system-level launch activities, developing partnerships, developing adults' capacity to promote SEL, and improving climate and delivering SEL instruction.

SOURCE: Wallace Foundation

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Relationships First: Creating Connections that Help Young People Thrive

Young people deeply benefit from developmental relationships with a variety of people including program leaders from community organizations, mentors, parents, teachers, and friends. This resource lays out a framework for building strong relationships with young people, and concludes with 55 concrete ideas.

SOURCE: Search Institute

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Relate 918 – Tulsa’s Partnership with The Opportunity Project

Relate 918 is a joint initiative of Tulsa Public Schools and The Opportunity Project to build life skills for students both during and after school. The Opportunity Project is Tulsa's expanded learning partner.

SOURCE: Tulsa Public Schools

TAGS community partnerships SEL partnerships out of school

The Afterschool Guide to Social and Emotional Learning

This Ebook compiles more than 20 articles and studies describing SEL practice in the afterschool environment, partnerships with schools to strengthen SEL practice, and examples of afterschool programs that support SEL. Requires free registration to access.

SOURCE: National Afterschool Association

TAGS community partnerships SEL partnerships out of school

Convening a Cross-Functional Advisory Council for SEL: Resources, Best Practices, and Suggestions

Key considerations for districts as they build a council consisting of members from different organizations and departments to align social and emotional learning between in-school and out-of-school time settings.


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Partnerships by Design: Cultivating Effective and Meaningful School-Family-Community Partnerships

This tool from Northwest REL includes forms, worksheets, and activities to assess the current state of family and community collaboration, create a vision for partnership, and set up an action plan.

SOURCE: Northwest REL

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