Community Partnerships

Schools and community partners aligning on common language, strategies, and communication around all SEL-related efforts and initiatives, including out-of-school time.

See also: family and community engagement

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In Oakland, Reinventing School Policing

Article and video about Oakland schools' partnership with police and special SEL training for school-based officers.

SOURCE: Oakland Unified School District

TAGS community partnerships alternatives to suspension anti-bias SEL partnerships relationship skills restorative practices building community student discipline

Partnering with Community Organizations to Support SEL

This tool from CASEL's Guide to Schoolwide SEL describes 3 main ways schools can partner with community organizations: by bringing partners into the school, linking families with their resources, and organizing community-based experiences for students.


TAGS community partnerships SEL partnerships toolkit MTSS SEL leadership



Guiding Questions for Building Strong Partnerships between School Day and Out-of-School Time Educators

This tool from CASEL's Guide to Schoolwide SEL provides questions to help the SEL team think intentionally about how to fully partner with OST providers to promote SEL.


TAGS community partnerships SEL partnerships community relations out of school SEL leadership family and community engagement



Webinar: The Role of Family and Community Partnerships in School-based Social and Emotional Learning Programs

Includes findings from the Social and Emotional Learning Interventions Under the ESSA: Evidence Review, focusing specifically on what the review found related to family and community engagement, and a presentation from a district administrator. Hosted by REL Northeast & Islands

SOURCE: REL Northeast & Islands

TAGS family partnerships community partnerships SEL partnerships parent leadership evidence-based programs community relations out of school family and community engagement

The In-School and Afterschool Social Emotional Learning Connection: A Planning Tool

Tool for afterschool and in-school staff first to reflect independently on their goals for SEL and think about what is being done in each setting to support SEL, then to discuss how to work collaboratively toward a common goal.


TAGS community partnerships SEL partnerships building community MTSS out of school planning building buy-in for SEL SEL leadership

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