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The Effects of Program Implementation and Longevity

This research brief from the Austin ISD Department of Research and Evaluation examines the question -- Do outcomes associated with SEL programming improve with time? Is there a difference in outcomes between schools that have been implementing for 4+ years compared with schools that are newer to SEL?

SOURCE: Austin Independent School District

TAGS research brief data dashboards conducting local SEL research continuous improvement

Social and Emotional Learning in Out-of-School Time Settings

Brief from the Harvard Graduate School of Education and the Wallace Foundation providing guidelines and considerations for adapting leading SEL programs to out-of-school settings.

SOURCE: Wallace Foundation

TAGS SEL partnerships research brief evidence-based programs out of school

The Neuroscience of SEL (Video)

20 minute lecture by Richard Davidson on the neuroscience of emotions and emotional response, and how SEL trains and changes the brain. Best for educating SEL leaders or building buy in with audiences looking for a scientific basis for SEL.

SOURCE: Edutopia

TAGS Adult SEL mental health videos research brief teacher training evidence-based programs professional learning district SEL expertise building buy-in for SEL SEL leadership

Literature Review of the Benefits and Strategies for SEL Implementation

Minneapolis Public Schools produced this highly accessible literature review to support their list of school level and district level recommendations for SEL implementation.

SOURCE: Minneapolis Public Schools

TAGS school board reading lists - staff research brief district SEL expertise building buy-in for SEL

This Time, With Feeling: Integrating Social and Emotional Development and College and Career Readiness Standards

Primer on the interconnections of social and emotional development and ambitious academic goals in achieving college and career readiness. Includes examples of how SEL is relevant in ELA, Math, and Science and recommendations for action.

SOURCE: The Aspen Institute

TAGS SEL and Academic Integration Science english/language arts math reading lists - staff research brief CCSS SEL overview college and career readiness PK-12 integrate with district priorities district SEL expertise building buy-in for SEL

The Case for SEL sample presentation

CASEL's presentation introducing SEL and its evidence base can be adapted for a range of audiences, including district leaders and potential community partners or funders.


TAGS fundraising research brief SEL overview communications community relations college and career readiness integrate with district priorities district SEL expertise

Encouraging Social and Emotional Learning: Next Steps for States

This brief from the Learning Policy Institute provides recommendations for how state agencies can measure and promote SEL in their accountability and continuous improvement plans.

SOURCE: Learning Policy Institute

TAGS school board board policies research brief assessment continuous improvement integrate with district priorities

A Case for School Connectedness

Short article from Educational Leadership describing the impact of strong school connectedness on academic achievement, behavior, absenteeism, and school completion, as well as and practices that enhance it.

SOURCE: Magazine/Newsletter

TAGS bullying prevention mental health journal article relationship skills research brief advisory/homeroom middle school grades high school grades culture and climate building community integrate with district priorities

Social and Emotional Skills for Life and Career: Policy Levers that Focus on the Whole Child

This Policy Snapshot identifies 4 main categories of state and district policy considerations for integrating SEL and preparing teachers and administrators to focus on the whole child.


TAGS school board SEL standards board policies research brief culture and climate integrate with district priorities SEL leadership

Edutopia’s How Learning Happens Video Series

Videos that combine the science of brain development and real examples of practices explicitly designed to integrate social & emotional skills in classrooms and schoolwide settings, including trauma-informed practices, co-developed class norms, Socratic circles, makerspaces, student-led conferences and more.

SOURCE: Edutopia

TAGS PLC videos SEL competence student leadership research brief culturally responsive teacher training model SEL schools PK-12 instructional practices classroom level culture and climate building community professional learning building buy-in for SEL youth voice

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