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Training Educators to Understand the Needs of English Learners PreK-12

White paper about educator training in English to Speakers of Other Languages, Touches on building on students' cultural background and experiences and the impact of teacher biases toward students learning English.

SOURCE: ESOL in Higher Ed

TAGS anti-bias research brief english language learners culturally responsive teacher training PK-12

Fulfilling the Unkept Promise of Educational Opportunities for California’s Long Term English Learners

Executive summary of a report on California's long-term English Language Learners and recommendations for better supporting students at the secondary level who have not reached English proficiency.

SOURCE: External website

TAGS anti-bias board policies research brief english language learners culturally responsive

Book Chapter: Social Emotional Learning: Past, Present and Future

Chapter by Weissberg, Durlak, Domitrovich, and Gullotta that provides a framework and evidence base for SEL and also important factors for quality implementation.


TAGS implementation support reading lists - staff research brief SEL overview evidence-based programs district SEL expertise building buy-in for SEL

Students with Strong Social Skills in Kindergarten More Likely To Thrive As Adults

Short article describing a 20 year study connecting students' social skills in kindergarten to their well-being as adults.

SOURCE: Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

TAGS reading lists - staff SEL competence research brief evidence-based programs district SEL expertise building buy-in for SEL

Key Insights from the Collaborating Districts Initiative

This CASEL report based on 6 years of the CDI initiative includes insights on what makes implementation work, how districtwide SEL has impacted achievement, and how to scale up successful SEL work.


TAGS research brief SEL overview implementation plan conducting local SEL research PK-12 implementation evaluation planning integrate with district priorities building buy-in for SEL youth voice

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