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District SEL Best Practices: Cultivating Shared Leadership for Schoolwide SEL

A district SEL leader from Austin, TX describes their leadership structure and approach to supporting SEL implementation through district SEL specialists who provide coaching and training for cohorts of school-based SEL leaders who in turn work with an SEL steering committee that is representative of the broader school community. This model has been shown to significantly improve implementation.

SOURCE: Austin Independent School District

TAGS implementation support SEL coaching for staff implementation plan

Preparing Teachers to Support Social and Emotional Learning

This case study of a university-school partnership offers information on how preservice and in-service teacher training can support SEL implementation and integration with teaching practices. Includes a helpful infographic on classroom practices that promote SEL, and implications for teacher training, schools, and policymakers.

SOURCE: Learning Policy Institute

TAGS staff onboarding SEL coaching for staff teacher training model SEL schools professional learning

3 Signature Practices for Adults

One-pager handout summarizing the 3 Signature SEL Practices and examples of each, adapted to turn the focus to the way adults interact with one another in the workplace, how they learn, and how to set up the learning environment to maximize engagement and growth.


TAGS three signature practices teacher tool SEL coaching for staff building community professional learning SEL leadership

How to Create a Professional Learning Community

Edutopia article on developing strong PLCs, includes quick tips on teaching participants how to collaborate, creating an atmosphere of trust, carving out enough time for meaningful work, and more.

SOURCE: Edutopia

TAGS implementation support PLC SEL coaching for staff teacher training professional learning

SEL Coaching Coordinator Support Roles

T chart describing what El Paso's SEL coaches do and don't do as they support schools with SEL implementation.

SOURCE: El Paso Independent School District

TAGS job descriptions implementation support SEL coaching for staff human and financial resource alignment

School Climate Improvement: What do Teachers Believe, Need and Want?

A research report from the National School Climate Center shows 90% of educators believe that a positive school climate is very important, and educators wanted tools and "roadmaps" for improving school climate.

SOURCE: National School Climate Center

TAGS journal article SEL coaching for staff culture and climate building buy-in for SEL



SEL 3 Signature Practices introductory video – Adult SEL

Video describing the SEL 3 signature practices (welcoming inclusion activity, engaging practices, and optimistic closure) and how to use them in settings with adults, such as a meeting or professional learning.


TAGS PLC mindfulness three signature practices videos self awareness SEL coaching for staff building community professional learning district SEL expertise

SPARK Approach to Positive School Climate

Guide and toolkit for Sacramento's comprehensive school climate model which intertwines principles of restorative disciplinary practices, social and emotional learning, and PBIS. Includes details on school teaming and training.

SOURCE: Sacramento City Unified School District

TAGS PBIS alternatives to suspension anti-bias board policies toolkit relationship skills SEL coaching for staff equity implementation plan restorative practices culture and climate building community student discipline youth voice

Campus Visits and Learning Walk Protocols (Austin)

Guidelines for SEL coaches when they conduct supportive visits and a protocol for Learning Walks, shared with visitors and campuses so they know what to expect and what support is available to them.

SOURCE: Austin Independent School District

TAGS implementation support SEL coaching for staff model SEL schools school visit/observation tool conducting local SEL research implementation monitoring instructional practices

Teaching the Whole Child: Instructional Practices that Support Social-Emotional Learning in Three Teacher Evaluation Frameworks

This research brief describes 10 teaching practices that promote SEL, and highlights how these practices are promoted in the CLASS, Danielson, and Marzano teaching frameworks.


TAGS SEL and Academic Integration classroom management english/language arts math social studies teacher evaluation lesson planning teacher tool relationship skills reading lists - staff SEL coaching for staff instructional practices classroom level culture and climate building community student discipline

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