Continuous Improvement

A deliberate and structured process to address problems or improve outcomes. This involves collecting and using implementation and outcome data to improve all SEL-related systems, practices, and policies with a focus on equity.

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Districtwide SEL Program and Initiative Inventory

This tool is designed to help district social and emotional learning (SEL) teams learn about past and current SEL-related work being implemented across the district. In combination with the Districtwide SEL Implementation Rubric, this tool serves as a needs and resources assessment to bridge the gap between the district's shared vision and long-term SEL goals and an implementation plan.


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Develop Annual Goals and Action Plan for SEL

This tool is designed to help district SEL teams develop goals and an action plan for a single year of districtwide SEL implementation. It builds on a district's shared vision, long-term SEL goals, and SEL implementation roadmap.


TAGS define SEL metrics implementation plan continuous improvement planning

The Impact of Social and Emotional Learning (video)

The research is clear: SEL is essential for academic and life success. In this video, district and CASEL leadership highlight data that demonstrates improvements in attendance, drop out rates, suspensions, expulsions, and academic growth.


TAGS videos define SEL metrics continuous improvement building buy-in for SEL

Self-Assessing Social and Emotional Instruction and Competencies: A Tool for Teachers

A tool for teachers to assess how they using SEL in their interactions and teaching practices, and a crosswalk between 10 teaching practices that promote SEL and the CLASS, Danielson, and Marzano teaching frameworks.

TAGS Adult SEL mindfulness lesson planning teacher tool social awareness self awareness self management relationship skills responsible decision making SEL competence teacher training continuous improvement PK-12 instructional practices classroom level building community student discipline

The Effects of Program Implementation and Longevity

This research brief from the Austin ISD Department of Research and Evaluation examines the question -- Do outcomes associated with SEL programming improve with time? Is there a difference in outcomes between schools that have been implementing for 4+ years compared with schools that are newer to SEL?

SOURCE: Austin Independent School District

TAGS research brief data dashboards conducting local SEL research continuous improvement

SEL Data Reflection Protocol

This tool presents a structured reflection process for SEL teams and other district stakeholders to observe trends and discuss ideas for continuous improvement of SEL implementation. It emphasizes the importance of examining data with an equity lens and elevating a range of perspectives when interpreting data.


TAGS implementation support continuous improvement implementation monitoring implementation evaluation



Social Emotional Learning: Goal-Setting and Relationships are Part of District’s Academic Core (video)

Washoe County School District is featured in this video from Edweek, describing the district's process for developing SEL metrics for instructional purposes and growth.

SOURCE: Washoe County School District

TAGS student assessment videos assessment continuous improvement

A Primer for Continuous Improvement in Schools and Districts

This white paper lays out a model and principles for improvement, describes the Plan-Do-Study-Act Cycle, and includes examples for using a Fishbone Diagram and a Driver Diagram to define a problem and establish an aim.

SOURCE: University/Nonprofit Research Institution

TAGS assessment continuous improvement implementation evaluation planning

Develop Long-Term Goals for Districtwide SEL

This tool explains how to set long-term SMARTIE-style goals for districtwide SEL implementation. Provides guidelines to get the committee started, step-by-step instructions for defining goals that reflect the district's shared vision, and examples.


TAGS define SEL metrics continuous improvement implementation evaluation planning

Oakland Academic Social Emotional Learning Guidance Document

Oakland's guidance document for school leaders describes the district's mission, vision, and tools for measuring success and describes how SEL is part of instructional priorities and multi-tiered systems of support.

SOURCE: Oakland Unified School District

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