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CORE Districts Tool: Social-Emotional Competencies Selection Process

A 6 step prioritization exercise used by CORE districts to vote on competencies to include and exclude in their assessment.

SOURCE: California CORE Districts

TAGS student assessment SEL competence define SEL metrics assessment family and community engagement youth voice

Developing Awareness of Instructional Practices that Promote SEL – School and District Leader Version

3 part tool to guide a school staff or district team to identify current instructional practices that support social and emotional development, and then learn about, prioritize, and plan to incorporate additional strategies.


TAGS SEL and Academic Integration english/language arts math social studies lesson planning teacher tool SEL competence teacher training instructional practices classroom level building buy-in for SEL



Bilingual Parent/Community Introduction to SEL

Una Introducción al Aprendizaje Social y Emocional is CASEL's free online course that describes the basics of what SEL is and isn't, and includes reflective activities about how SEL comes into play in daily life and interactions with young people. This works well for families, community partners, or staff members who speak Spanish.


TAGS social awareness self awareness self management relationship skills responsible decision making SEL competence SEL overview out of school family and community engagement

Social and Emotional Learning Practices: A Self-Reflection Tool for Afterschool Staff

Part of AIR's Beyond the Bell series, this tool aimed at out-of-school time staff includes reflections on social practices, program implementation practices, and personal SEL competencies, built upon the framework of 10 practices that promote social and emotional learning.


TAGS SEL partnerships reading lists - staff SEL competence implementation plan conducting local SEL research continuous improvement out of school professional learning

CASEL’s SEL for Parents (Spanish)

Video in Spanish describes SEL for a parent audience and provides strategies to bring SEL into the home, aligned with the 5 SEL competencies. Features schools in Chicago and includes interviews with parents and caregivers.


TAGS videos spanish language resources social awareness self awareness self management relationship skills responsible decision making SEL competence SEL overview out of school family and community engagement

CDI District Standards

Links to SEL standards adopted by 9 districts within the Collaborating Districts Initiative.


TAGS SEL standards SEL competence middle school grades high school grades elementary school grades PK-12



Developing and Articulating Learning Goals or Competencies for Social and Emotional Learning

American Institutes for Research and CASEL teamed up to create this guide for developing SEL standards. Includes a definition of terms and guidance for setting up a writing team and articulating learning goals.


TAGS SEL standards board policies SEL competence implementation plan planning

DuPage County K-8 SEL Standards

DuPage County's SEL standards, differentiated for each grade level K-8 and categorized within the 5 core SEL competencies.

SOURCE: DuPage County School Districts

TAGS SEL standards SEL competence middle school grades elementary school grades



Case Study: Washoe County School District Process for Developing SEL Standards

Washoe's process for developing SEL standards, including useful artifacts from the 2 day retreat where they were written by a team of educators.

SOURCE: Washoe County School District

TAGS SEL standards SEL competence professional learning planning



Mapping SEL to Common Core

Four clear ways that SEL standards complement Common Core standards.

SOURCE: Oakland Unified School District

TAGS SEL competence CCSS integrate with district priorities

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