Implementation Plan

An implementation plan uses findings from a needs and resources assessment to develop clear goals, implementation metrics, desired outcomes, and expected timelines for achieving the district’s overall SEL vision.

See also: implementation support

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Case Study: Oakland Unified School District Process for Developing SEL Standards

Oakland's SEL standards and classroom indicator examples, contextual information on how they were developed and how they are assessed.

SOURCE: Oakland Unified School District

TAGS SEL standards board policies implementation support implementation plan PK-12 classroom level



Case Study: Anchorage Public Schools Process for Developing SEL Standards

SEL standards and a description of Anchorage's process of developing them, piloting their use, and bringing them to scale district-wide.

SOURCE: Anchorage Public Schools

TAGS SEL standards board policies implementation plan middle school grades high school grades elementary school grades PK-12 planning

SPARK Approach to Positive School Climate

Guide and toolkit for Sacramento's comprehensive school climate model which intertwines principles of restorative disciplinary practices, social and emotional learning, and PBIS. Includes details on school teaming and training.

SOURCE: Sacramento City Unified School District

TAGS PBIS alternatives to suspension anti-bias board policies relationship skills SEL coaching for staff equity teacher training implementation plan restorative practices culture and climate building community student discipline integrate with district priorities youth voice



Districtwide Professional Learning Audit

This is an example of a third-party audit of a district's SEL professional learning offerings and practices, shared by Sacramento City, including recommendations for improving training-related data collection and capacity building.

SOURCE: Sacramento City Unified School District

TAGS needs and resources assessment implementation plan professional learning

SEL Tiered Professional Development Programs

A multi-tiered list of SEL professional development offered to Nashville Public Schools including descriptions of each, duration, strengths, and implementation challenges to anticipate.

SOURCE: Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools

TAGS human and financial resource alignment teacher training implementation plan MTSS professional learning planning



Making SEL a Whole School Commitment in Cleveland

Cleveland's presentation describing how SEL is supported systematically throughout the district, from the classroom to larger district initiatives.

SOURCE: Cleveland Metropolitan School District

TAGS SEL overview implementation plan evidence-based programs PK-12 MTSS

Oakland SEL Journey Map (infographic)

This infographic from Oakland presents the district's SEL starting point and vision for transformation.

SOURCE: Oakland Unified School District

TAGS equity SEL overview implementation plan communications youth voice

Snapshot of SEL in Washoe County

Washoe's 2 page snapshot flyer defines SEL, summarizes the impact SEL has had in Washoe schools, and describes key SEL implementation priorities.

SOURCE: Washoe County School District

TAGS fundraising SEL overview implementation plan communications community relations conducting local SEL research building buy-in for SEL family and community engagement

SEL Rollout in Austin

Austin's sample process for growing a cohort of SEL leadership schools and expanding the scope of SEL work at each over time.

SOURCE: Austin Independent School District

TAGS SEL coaching for staff implementation plan PK-12 professional learning planning



Sample Timeline for Year One SEL Implementation

A sample timeline shared with schools in Sacramento to begin building staff momentum around social emotional learning.

SOURCE: Sacramento City Unified School District

TAGS model SEL schools implementation plan planning building buy-in for SEL


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