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Resources to support teachers and other staff to use instructional strategies that strengthen social and emotional development.

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3 Signature Practices in the Classroom

One-pager handout summarizing the 3 Signature SEL Practices, examples of each, and alignment with SEL competencies and school priorities.


TAGS mindfulness three signature practices teacher tool social awareness self awareness instructional practices building community

Transforming Education: Resources for Educators

A collection of tools and toolkits, research, and webinars on mindfulness, self efficacy, self-management, social awareness, and the growth mindset.

SOURCE: Transforming Education

TAGS mindfulness teacher tool toolkit social awareness self management reading lists - staff SEL overview instructional practices classroom level professional learning

Tennessee’s Training Modules for Incorporating Social and Personal Competencies Into Classroom Instruction and Educator Effectiveness

The Tennessee DOE's training modules include powerpoint presentations, facilitator guides, and handouts on student-centered discipline, teacher language, cooperative learning, classroom discussions, and balanced instruction.

SOURCE: Tennessee DOE

TAGS SEL and Academic Integration videos toolkit SEL competence teacher training instructional practices classroom level student discipline professional learning

Washington’s SEL Online Education Modules

Washington's 5 online modules for educators (intro, embedding SEL schoolwide, adult professional culture, culturally responsive classroom integration, and selecting evidence-based programs). Free registration required.

SOURCE: Washington DOE

TAGS videos culturally responsive teacher training SEL overview evidence-based programs instructional practices culture and climate professional learning

TransformEd’s SEL Integration Approach for Classroom Educators (infographic)

Transforming Education's SEL integration framework infographic offers guidance on how to integrate SEL into everyday classroom culture, curriculum, and activities. By focusing on six key components of this approach, educators can support students in developing stronger social-emotional skills in meaningful, transferable, and equitable ways.

SOURCE: Transforming Education

TAGS SEL and Academic Integration teacher tool instructional practices classroom level

CARE for Kids – A Breakthrough in Social and Emotional Learning (video)

This video from Edutopia features classroom meetings taking place in Jefferson County schools, and includes short interviews from the Superintendent and school-based staff and students.

SOURCE: Edutopia

TAGS videos relationship skills advisory/homeroom instructional practices classroom level culture and climate building community building buy-in for SEL youth voice

Boston Public Schools Essentials for Instructional Equity

Outlines 4 adult competencies for facilitating learning for diverse students, and includes an appendix of culturally and linguistically sustaining practices, a learning experience design template, and a parent guide.

SOURCE: Boston Public Schools

TAGS cultural competence anti-bias reading lists - staff equity culturally responsive college and career readiness instructional practices integrate with district priorities

Social and Emotional Learning in Practice: Toolkit of Practical Strategies and Resources

Ideal for OST programs, includes tools for equipping staff to teach SEL, creating the learning environment, designing impactful learning experiences, and using data for improvement. Special attention is paid to culturally responsive design.

SOURCE: University/Nonprofit Research Institution

TAGS paraprofessionals security staff staff onboarding teacher tool toolkit reading lists - staff culturally responsive teacher training advisory/homeroom middle school grades PK-12 instructional practices classroom level culture and climate building community out of school professional learning

Oakland Academic Social Emotional Learning Guidance Document

Oakland's guidance document for school leaders describes the district's mission, vision, and tools for measuring success and describes how SEL is part of instructional priorities and multi-tiered systems of support.

SOURCE: Oakland Unified School District

TAGS SEL and Academic Integration english language learners define SEL metrics CCSS equity culturally responsive continuous improvement instructional practices culture and climate MTSS integrate with district priorities district SEL expertise SEL leadership

Oakland’s Teacher Growth and Development System

Oakland's teacher evaluation and growth framework includes goals around equity, classroom community, growth mindset, culturally responsive teaching, student collaboration/communication/& choice.

SOURCE: Oakland Unified School District

TAGS teacher evaluation board policies human and financial resource alignment equity instructional practices classroom level integrate with district priorities

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