SEL Leadership

Can refer to district level staff whose position is entirely or in part focused on SEL, school-level SEL teams or individuals, or committees of stakeholders who have power to make decisions and direct SEL work.

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Structural Supports to Promote Teacher Well-Being

This brief summarizes what research says about supporting teacher well-being, and includes strategies to consider and strategies to avoid.

SOURCE: EdResearch for Recovery

TAGS research brief culture and climate SEL leadership

District SEL Best Practices: Adult Well-being and Equity

A district leader from Tulsa Public Schools describes the district's equity framework, their monthly school leader learning institutes focused on well-being, school-based wellness teams, and the ways in which the district's equity and wellness work are interrelated.

SOURCE: Tulsa Public Schools

TAGS mental health equity SEL leadership

Thompson School District Strategic Plan

Thompson School District in Loveland, Colorado, deeply imbeds SEL throughout their strategic plan, Strive 2025. The plan includes a Portrait of a Graduate, which guides their SEL vision and the development of SEL standards describing what a student should know and be able to do.

SOURCE: Thompson School District

TAGS implementation plan planning SEL leadership

SEL Talking Points for Superintendents

This set of key messages is intended to support the superintendent and other district leaders in regularly communicating about the importance of SEL both formally and informally.


TAGS communications district SEL expertise building buy-in for SEL SEL leadership



What is Social and Emotional Learning? (video)

From CASEL and school district leadership, this video conceptualizes social and emotional learning and describes what it looks, feels and sounds like in educational spaces.


TAGS videos SEL overview building buy-in for SEL SEL leadership

Ready to Lead: Principals’ Perspectives on How Social and Emotional Learning Can Prepare Children and Transform Schools

This report shows widespread support for SEL among K-12 principals, highlights needs for greater state and district support, and provides policy recommendations. It makes a strong case for investing in SEL.


TAGS research brief building buy-in for SEL SEL leadership

SEL 3 Signature Practices Playbook

CASEL's full guide to using the three Signature SEL practices, including a library of example activities and ideas and templates for adapting the playbook for your district.


TAGS SEL and Academic Integration mindfulness three signature practices teacher tool toolkit social awareness self awareness instructional practices building community SEL leadership

Austin SEL Strategic Plan

Austin's strategic plan for districtwide SEL implementation includes core beliefs, the district vision, and 5 key priorities for a three year period.

SOURCE: Austin Independent School District

TAGS implementation plan planning integrate with district priorities SEL leadership

Personal SEL Reflection

Principals, administrators, SEL team members, staff members, and other adults can use this tool to assess personal strengths, think about how to model those strengths when interacting with others, and plan strategies to promote growth across areas of social competence.


TAGS Adult SEL paraprofessionals security staff staff onboarding teacher tool SEL competence teacher training professional learning district SEL expertise building buy-in for SEL SEL leadership



Pursuing Social and Emotional Development Through a Racial Equity Lens: 5 Strategies for System Leaders to Take Action

The Aspen Education & Society Program's recommended strategies for pursuing social, emotional, and academic development through a racial equity lens.

SOURCE: The Aspen Institute

TAGS cultural competence school board anti-bias board policies equity integrate with district priorities district SEL expertise SEL leadership family and community engagement youth voice

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