Student Leadership

Students as initiators, organizers, partners, researchers, developers, and decision-makers in the context of school and district improvement.

See also: youth voice

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Washoe County’s Student Voice Homepage and Student Voice Toolkit

Students practice and strengthen social and emotional skills through leadership opportunities. By elevating students as leaders, districts both benefit from student perspective and ingenuity and support their skill development. This website provides a great example of a district-level approach.

SOURCE: Washoe County School District

TAGS toolkit student leadership youth voice

Edutopia’s How Learning Happens Video Series

Videos that combine the science of brain development and real examples of practices explicitly designed to integrate social & emotional skills in classrooms and schoolwide settings, including trauma-informed practices, co-developed class norms, Socratic circles, makerspaces, student-led conferences and more.

SOURCE: Edutopia

TAGS PLC videos SEL competence student leadership research brief culturally responsive teacher training model SEL schools PK-12 instructional practices classroom level culture and climate building community professional learning building buy-in for SEL youth voice

Youth Participatory Evaluation

Youth Participatory Evaluation is an approach that engages young people in evaluating the programs and systems designed to serve them. This page provides resources and principles that can support districts in working with students in the cycle of continuous improvement.

SOURCE: External website

TAGS toolkit student leadership assessment conducting local SEL research continuous improvement youth voice

Student-led Conferences Introduction

Overview of a Nashville middle school's model for student-led conferences, appropriate for grades 4-12.

SOURCE: Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools

TAGS student assessment teacher tool toolkit self awareness student leadership advisory/homeroom middle school grades classroom level family and community engagement youth voice



Washoe County SEL Needs Assessment Report

This baseline report shared by Washoe County includes findings and recommendations from a districtwide program inventory, counselor focus groups, student SEL skills assessments, school climate surveys, and behavior-related data.

SOURCE: Washoe County School District

TAGS human and financial resource alignment counselors parent leadership student leadership assessment evidence-based programs data dashboards conducting local SEL research PK-12 implementation monitoring implementation evaluation MTSS student discipline youth voice



Nashville’s Strategic Plan for High Schools

Nashville's 3 year plan for high schools includes strategies, action steps, and yearly goals for leadership, teaching, and curriculum with highlighted connections to social and emotional learning throughout.

SOURCE: Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools

TAGS student leadership implementation plan restorative practices high school grades college and career readiness planning integrate with district priorities


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