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The CASEL Assessment Guide

The Assessment Guide provides several resources for practitioners to select and use measures of student SEL, including guidance on how to select an assessment and use student SEL data, a catalog of SEL assessments equipped with filters and bookmarking, and real-world accounts of how practitioners are using SEL assessments.


TAGS student assessment toolkit define SEL metrics assessment conducting local SEL research continuous improvement implementation evaluation

SEL 3 Signature Practices Playbook

CASEL's full guide to using the 3 Signature SEL practices, including a library of example activities and ideas and templates for adapting the playbook for your district.


TAGS SEL and Academic Integration mindfulness three signature practices teacher tool toolkit social awareness self awareness instructional practices culture and climate building community SEL leadership

Creating Shared Agreements

This tool from CASEL's Guide to Schoolwide SEL outlines a 4 step process for a school or district team to develop shared agreements about how they will work together to achieve a shared vision and nurture adult SEL.


TAGS Adult SEL mindfulness teacher tool toolkit teacher training advisory/homeroom building community professional learning SEL leadership



Transforming Education: Resources for Educators

A collection of tools and toolkits, research, and webinars on mindfulness, self efficacy, self-management, social awareness, and the growth mindset.

SOURCE: Transforming Education

TAGS mindfulness teacher tool toolkit social awareness self management reading lists - staff SEL overview instructional practices classroom level professional learning

Tennessee’s Training Modules for Incorporating Social and Personal Competencies Into Classroom Instruction and Educator Effectiveness

The Tennessee DOE's training modules include powerpoint presentations, facilitator guides, and handouts on student-centered discipline, teacher language, cooperative learning, classroom discussions, and balanced instruction.

SOURCE: Tennessee DOE

TAGS SEL and Academic Integration videos toolkit SEL competence teacher training instructional practices classroom level student discipline professional learning

Track Your School’s Progress Toward Implementing Schoolwide SEL

Part of CASEL's Guide to Schoolwide SEL, this page includes a rubric and planner, a walkthrough protocol to look for signs of high-quality implementation, and a staff survey to gather staff perceptions to inform decisions and next steps.


TAGS toolkit define SEL metrics assessment school visit/observation tool implementation monitoring

Overview of CASEL’s Guide to Schoolwide Social and Emotional Learning

This presentation can be used to introduce schools to the logic model, key activities, and resources available at


TAGS implementation support PLC toolkit implementation plan culture and climate professional learning SEL leadership

Minneapolis Public Schools SEL Homepage

Minneapolis' public-facing SEL homepage shares an overview, resources, videos, local news, and has subpages for different audiences.

SOURCE: Minneapolis Public Schools

TAGS videos toolkit SEL overview communications community relations building buy-in for SEL family and community engagement

MeasuringSEL: Use Data

From CASEL's Measuring SEL practitioner resources, this page provides details and examples of how districts have used SEL data from formative or summative assessment for continuous improvement.


TAGS student assessment toolkit define SEL metrics equity assessment conducting local SEL research implementation monitoring implementation evaluation instructional practices youth voice

Tool for Developing SMARTIE Goals for Districtwide SEL

Short document explaining how to set SMARTIE goals for districtwide SEL implementation. Provides reflection questions to get the team started, example SMARTIE goals, and a blank template.


TAGS toolkit define SEL metrics continuous improvement implementation evaluation planning SEL leadership


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